Prada Women Spring Summer 2016


Skirts and boxy jackets were the primary focus of this collection. The jackets began the collection in basic colors with contrasting piping and defined collars. Plaids and tweeds followed, interrupted by spotted organza coats before moving into stripes, by far the favored pattern in this collection.

Paired with most jackets were straight skirts made up of uneven panels in multiple patterns. Though matching prints were used in the jackets the skirts were paired with, these were far from your everyday skirt suits. Bright sweaters featuring geometric patterns were layered beneath jackets, along with shirts in fun prints, one example being a combination or race cars, rocket ships and rabbits. Bias cut dresses in light material were seen through the middle of the collection, in combinations of bright stripes with defining black panels at the waist. Straight dresses in pastel sheer materials followed these.

Bringing up the end of the collection were striped coats in metallic snakeskin patterns, finishing with two white coats and a suit covered in large white sequins, and spots of bright beads resembling flowers at a distance.

Netting at the neck was an accessory for many looks, some of the netting made of flower shapes, and some integrating the brightly colored sequins seen later in the collection. Low t-strap heels and flats in suede and metallic leather were worn throughout along with large statement earrings. Striped leather bags were a common sight, otherwise seen in bright colors or snakeskin patterns.


Prada Women Spring Summer 2016


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