Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani Women Spring Summer 2016


A  casual feeling was in immediate effect for this collection, as the show opened with a cropped pink t-shirt with a winking smiley-face under a suit jacket with paisley embroidery. Padded shoulders and power suit pieces harken back to the strong styles of the 1980’s, but in a cool, contemporary fashion. Subtle floral hints appear throughout, in the form of leafy brocade, blossom appliques and a cartoonish pastel-on-black flower pattern, as well as in the leaf-like shapes cut into the lines of a leather jacket. Pale pink and grey give a refined, lady-like air to structured jackets combined with soft blouses and dresses.

You can still get a taste of the classic Armani power suit through this collection, in one instance as a shiny, double-breasted coat over trousers. Bright pinks and oranges appear at the end of the collection, on shift dresses under overlapping sheer layers and silk pants. Black ribbons laced up the sides of peep-toe booties, while colorful jewels sparkle from pale flats with pointed toes. Sophisticated black duffels mingle with purses of woven leather.

Chic and refined, this collection hints at details from the years that made this designer so famous, while offering a fresh and feminine look for the modern woman.


Emporio Armani Women Spring Summer 2016


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