Yohji Yamamoto

Spring-Summer 2014 – Yohji Yamamoto’s collection this season was very much about the colour black. There was the odd splash of other colours such as yellow, lilac and grey; but I felt it was the clothes that were more important. The garments themselves were kept quite simple, trousers, jackets and shirts, but layering up was key. Each of the pieces were cut in such as way that they flowed when the model moved down the catwalk, all of the trousers were wide-legged and the shirts loose fitting. There were some really interesting patterns; I wouldn’t expect any less from Yohji Yamamoto. There was one that looked like daubs of black and grey paint on a white background, there were black diagonal stripes of differing thicknesses and my personal favourite was the shirt with the clock on from. Mix this with black and yellow harem trousers and this makes an interesting collection for Spring/Summer.


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Written by Kelly Mitchell

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