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Spring-Summer 2014 – The Louis Vuitton collection this season starts off with outfits made almost entirely for grey, with just accents of mustard yellow. Be this a Louis Vuitton bag, or a smart leather jacket. There are waterproof overcoats and cute leather rucksacks. Then things turn a little bit preppy with teal striped over coats, neckerchiefs and letterman-style jackets in bright red. It is also quite sporty with matching shorts and hooded jackets in wonderful checked patterns. There are checked blazers, crocodile skin jackets and explorer-style anoraks with load of pockets; there really is everything in this collection. Patterns such as paisley and paint splattered effect. The final few pieces are prom-style suits with bow ties in a multitude of colours; complete with corsage of course, and ‘Louis Vuitton written on the back, and the final piece of the collection is a suit made entirely out of the iconic Louis Vuitton printed fabric.


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