Spring-Summer 2014 – The first thing that I noticed about the Missoni collection this season is the sheer amount of geometric prints. There are huge checked patterns which cover entire suits, carefully measured and planned out balanced stripes of t-shirts and shirts. triangular prints which are also a bit like tessellation and some really abstract patterns as well. One of the patterns which decorates a few shirts is an unbalanced random stripe pattern that doesn’t seem to match up anywhere. The lines aren’t parallel to each other and are all in different thicknesses. There is also a checked pattern which creates sort of an optical illusion; the lines seem to be moving. The clothes themselves have been kept more casual this time with a mixture of belted shorts and trousers, t-shirts, cardigans, open neck shirts and waterproof outer jackets.


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Written by Kelly Mitchell

Kelly Mitchell, extremely competent and reliable, she is currently in her third year at the University of Lincoln UK, studying Fashion. Kelly is responsible for the Fabrics, Fibers and Leathers sections of our Dictionary

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