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Spring-Summer 2014 – Prada has put a summer holiday spin on their collection this season, with their own twist on the ‘Hawaiian’ print. Their pattern uses bold, contrasting colours and flowers, leaves and palm trees, and covers everything from shirts, sweatshirts, satchels and even women’s dresses (yes there is a dabbling of womenswear mixed in with this collection) These bright colours are then contrasted with blacks, greys, navys and dark reds to make the outfits more wearable, and they are given even more of a summer feel by the fact the models are wearing sunglasses and carrying suitcases. Some pieces are smarter; think full suits with no hint of the pattern, and some are more casual; shiny sports coats and t-shirts, meaning that this collection brings together everything we could want and expect from a spring/summer collection.


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Written by Kelly Mitchell

Kelly Mitchell, extremely competent and reliable, she is currently in her third year at the University of Lincoln UK, studying Fashion. Kelly is responsible for the Fabrics, Fibers and Leathers sections of our Dictionary

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