Mihara Yasuhiro

Spring-Summer 2014 – There were a lot of things obviously Spring/Summer about the Mihara Yasuhiro collection this season and these ranged from delicate floral prints, wide legged trousers and flip flops to tied up shorts/sarong things. There was also some more casual elements such as bomber jackets embroidered with the patterns of feathers and matching raincoats and satchel combinations. The detail in the patterns used was just immense, with so many different colours and lots of uses, such as trousers and shirts and bags and the edging on jackets to make absolutely certain that everything tied together perfectly. During this catwalk show, there was a lot of very formal jackets in black and teal, often made of or using aspects of satin. This was then followed by baggy t-shirts, shorts and back packs for outfits that fit in with almost any occasion.


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