Dior Homme

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Spring-Summer 2014 – One of the most striking things about the Dior Homme collection for this season was the interesting square patch patterns used on a lot of the suits and jackets. This style, I believe took inspiration from Neo-plasticism, a rigid form of abstraction made up of square shapes in limited colour palettes. The colours here are more muted than they would have been in the original art movement, but these slightly different shades give a interesting depth and twist to an otherwise classic suit. The colours used were navy blues, burgundies and blacks. It was all quite formal and very much what we would expect from Dior, with a Summery twist, such as the sleeveless jackets, shorts and lots of layering. It was definitely the use of shiny plastic fabrics which also caught my eye, and the mixture of patterned outfits and more plain ones was a much needed contrast.


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