Spring-Summer 2014 – It is collections like Givenchy’s Spring/Summer collection that make writing so much easier; because there’s so much to talk about. The patterns are obviously the most dramatic and eye-catching part of the entire catwalk. These are abstract patterns made of lots of things, some unrecognisable and some really obscure such as tapes and faces. The colours are perfect for Spring/Summer as well, with the basic beiges and nudes with hints of bright orange and blue to make this collection completely different from anything else I have seen. There are also bold unbalanced stripes in so many different colours, which is a good contrast to the incredibly intricate patterns. The garments themselves conform to the other trends that we have seen this season; skirts over trousers, layering, smarter jackets over more casual outfits, making this collection very bold and very fun.


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Written by Kelly Mitchell

Kelly Mitchell, extremely competent and reliable, she is currently in her third year at the University of Lincoln UK, studying Fashion. Kelly is responsible for the Fabrics, Fibers and Leathers sections of our Dictionary

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