Comme des Garçons

Spring-Summer 2014 – Commes Des Garçon’s collection this season was very casual and almost looked as though it had been thrown together, the garments were artistically creased and included loads of layering. There was a lot of gathering and especially on the trousers, which was a really interesting detail. This gathering is either done horizontally or vertically to give different appearances. A lot of the outfits were completely black but there were a few that were entirely white, which was a hint towards the Spring/Summer season. There were also some middle tones of grey and a lot of the garments were made of patches of different shades; also having been gathered. The use of leather was something that has been seen in other collections, but Commes des Garcons put their own twist on it by using it for sleeveless jackets. Bright colourful patterns broke up the otherwise sombre colour palette.


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Written by Kelly Mitchell

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