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Issey Miyake Woman Autumn-Winter 2016 – Issey Miyake’s autumn/winter 2016 show was all about playing tricks on the audience’s eyes with hypnotic trance prints providing the backbone of the collection.

Using computer technology that enabled clothing to be created from a single piece of material, the designs were filled with elaborate colour, fashioning an array of optical allusions in the process.

The combining of pinks, purples, blues and yellows in repeated thin lines not only made the first designs extremely eye catching but streamlined the models’ figures and seemed to change exact shade as the pieces made their way down the runway.

Skilled layering also made the designs seem like they were digitally projected onto plain material, as in one blue, red and black striped piece, where the addition of diagonal white lines and a dark black waistband reinforced the changeable, life-of-its-own nature of the design.

Likewise, angled pleating was used to make many of the looks appear even more three-dimensional. Coloured ruffled circles on the fitted skirt and neckline of multiple looks gave a sense of movement even when the model was stationary, whilst also creating a flattering silhouette despite the frequent presence of oversized sleeves which bulged at the elbows and multiple examples of same print layering.

Whilst this technique was used throughout the collection, the colour and slight fit changes allowed the audience to find something new in each design; aided by the fact that even the same look seemed to have mutated slightly by the time the model had turned at the end of the catwalk because of the hypnotic quality of the prints’ design.

Issey Miyake Woman Autumn-Winter 2016


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