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Christian Dior Woman Autumn-Winter 2016 – Coats were a key component of Dior’s collection, leading the way in showcasing exactly how to stay stylish while wrapping up warm this autumn/winter.

The show opened with a parade of black designs in which hemlines, shoulder structures and styles of tailorings were all tweaked into various styles. As a result, the details, such as the button-secured criss-cross features, were of the utmost importance, emphasising the skill behind the effortless glamour Dior is well known for.

Despite the dark start to the collection, however, femininity still shone through. As the show continued there was an increasing amount of colour and use of floral prints as well as slight ruffles, frills and flares to provide flattering hourglass figures to the long skirts and quite summery feeling dresses.

A particular highlight was a grey double-breasted off-the-shoulder coat, that lay open to reveal a tailored, zipped up bodice beneath. The fairly short length of this design and the beautiful v-shape it created allowed the piece to double as a dress with the two components finding the perfect balance between formality and innovation.

Whilst tortoise-rimmed rounded sunglasses were littered throughout the collection, the general beauty theme was quite gothic. The models’ hair, parted to the far side, was scraped back into low buns secured behind one ear and in terms of makeup, bold plum-black lipstick did all the talking. To finish the looks off were a wide selection of autumnal coloured bags, with models occasionally carrying more than one; a subtle nod to Dior’s success in that part of the industry too.

Christian Dior Woman Autumn-Winter 2016



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