Chalayan Woman Autumn-Winter 2016 – In a collection that provided a multitude of formalwear options for women, and a few for men as well, designs ranged from the officeready to decidedly provocator.

The looks first presented on the runway were fairly classic, with black trousers or skirts, albeit constructed out of leather, paired with well tailored white shirts with the cuffs folded back and shoulder enhancing long blazer jackets.

With the colour scheme gradually lightening, incorporating sea blue and grey, some greater fluidity swept into the designs. Blue knitwear with pleated rollnecks and trim were incorporated under or as part of structured jackets and over draped skirts, even allowing for an oversized hoodie design to look just formal enough.

These heavier duty designs then gave way to flowing printed dresses, first in white then in brighter colours of blue and red. And more provocatively, slightly wide legged leather trousers, for men and women alike, were also teamed with slender strands of beaded braces spelling out seemingly random words related to German culture and fairytales, slung over the shoulders rather than attached.

Leaving nothing on the models’ top halves truly covered, the pairing still managed to appear fairly formal, especially as the identical male and female looks were broken up by a model wearing the same trousers with a navy, also word imprinted shirt.

Chalayan Woman Autumn-Winter 2016



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Written by Becki Murray

Becki is a soon-to-be graduate from the University of Bristol, where she studies English Literature. She loves to seek out new and exciting fashion stories and can be found leading the search for the perfect LBD.

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