Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci Women Spring Summer 2016


This collection from Emilio Pucci presented an array of styles. Handkerchief and multiple-slit skirts were popular styles, covered in bright sequins and intricate beadwork. Fragile white lace peeked from beneath an asymmetrical dress in a patchwork of black, white and navy stripes. Thinly pleated, long sleeves shirts in shiny fabrics layered under floating patches or overlapping sheer topped many looks.

Marine patterns and details became prevalent at the end of the collection. Black net pants covered in colorful sea animal patches was paired with a bright red sequined top. Seagull prints grace later pieces, along with seashells, anemones, fish, and the occasional mermaid. Lines of large pearls stripe a pleated white dress, mirrored on the strappy leather sandals found on other looks.

Accessorizing these looks were various sandals, with details ranging from playfully feathered or pearled, to those with the name “Emilio” in leather as the supporting strap. This detail was mimicked in embroidered stripes along sheer tops. Some models clutched structured leather bags, the smaller of which featured chain straps. Long, single chain earrings or large earrings shaped like “E’s” and “P’s” were worn on most models, as was the occasional pair of large, colorfully rimmed glasses.



Emilio Pucci Women Spring Summer 2016


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