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Max Mara Women Spring Summer 2016


Stars and stripes were the primary patterns in this collection, mixed in with a looping rope pattern for an overall nautical theme. Though mainly black and white, red blue and yellow each played into this collection for a bright, preppy look. Long sleeves and bateau necklines enhanced this feeling, paired with wide legged trousers detailed with gold buttons that looked straight from a sailor’s suit. Large overcoats were a staple, loose and intentionally mis-buttoned, in the form of double-breasted trench coats, both long and short. Long pants and mid-calf skirts paired with sweaters, blouses and the occasional t-shirt. Sweaters patterned with large stars contrasted with pants and jackets patterned with tiny ones, appearing to be spots from a distance. Both wide and narrow stripes added variation and visual texture to the looks.

Thick soles in alternating colors added stripes to the mary-janes worn with each look. Square leather shoulder bags with a rope strap were the choice accessory, either plain or with patterns such as seagulls or a sailor holding directional flags, along with small leather sailing duffels. Bright colors and classic shapes provided for a stylish collection, given a fresh face by updated patterns.


Max Mara Women Spring Summer 2016


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