Fendi Women Spring Summer 2016


Bright red opened this collection, seen on bloomers, short bubble skirts and billowy mutton sleeves. Woven strips of suede form a jacket, complete with fur detailing at the shoulders. More structured pieces follow the billowy opening looks, in form-fitted dresses featuring cut-outs at the sides, revealing peeks at skin or crisp white blouses. Leather harnesses are fitted over several looks, detailed with the same leather flowers seen on belts, dresses and rompers throughout.

Peep-toe leather heels and slip-on platform sandals were the footwear of the collection, paired well with the various leather handbags studded with leather flowers or featuring woven leather. Snakeskin appeared on several leather pieces, from a jacket and bloomers to purses and shoes.

Braided leather and gathering give a subtle sense of traditional northern European costume to many looks. The heavy use of leather, sheer silk and fur details give a luxurious air to the collection, while defined waists and form-fitted shapes maintain a clear femininity.

Though he has been collaborating with Fendi for more or less fifty years, Karl Lagerfeld continues to present fresh, youthful looks again and again.


Fendi Women Spring Summer 2016




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