Dior Homme

Dior Homme Autumn-Winter 2017-18 – Kris Van Assche has mentioned how he wanted to promote the suit to young men of this day and age. He seems to be clearly on his way as this collection proves. The looks are moody, edgy with a push of the futuristic idea.

Quirky eyewear and high quality fabrics that explore tactility give a luxurious feel.  The sharp silhouettes and attention to detailing are a classic Kris Van Assche way. Here he shows his strive for development and the classic black suit has moved on with time. It is now the moment to take risks and experiment with texture, colour and the cuts of tailoring. Pinestripe suits had relaxed trousers and were teamed with casual footwear.

As the show progressed there were street looks that had the impression of rave culture. Bright orange was seen on jackets, sweaters and polo neck tops. It was interesting to see the cape presented with a sporty twist.  Changes in design including the obvious mixing of dress codes, reflect the confidence of youthful experimentation with fashion.

Dior Homme Autumn-Winter 2017-18



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Written by Nafisa Sidat

Nafisa is a Textile Designer, who has a passionate interest in art, design and fashion. She admires expression in creativity and believes in the beauty of sharing this with others.

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