Street Fashion – Ways to Wear White

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Street Fashion – Ways to Wear White

New York str S15 01 (1)      New York str S15 01 (2)

Ultra feminine and  floaty, these lovely white tops are brought to life by their beautiful bottom counterparts. Draping her white crop top in a heavily beaded necklace and camel coloured coat, a touch of youth is injected into the left outfit through the 50s style A-Line skirt and bar handled handbag. Opting for more simple yet structured pieces, the right outfit contrasts this by pairing the soft flow of a charcoal satin skirt against stunning cut out features.

New York str S15 02 (2)      New York str S15 02 (3)

Combining classic monochrome palettes with a sense of modernity, these women rejuvenate their crisp white clothing through opaque panels, patterns and crochet. Consisting of a crochet top and tailored midi co-ord, the right outfit’s dark sunglasses, smart black neck tie and studded shoes help project an image of empowerment and the formal female. Mirroring this through the traditional short and top co-ord, the laid back look on the left maintains a chic femininity through its intricate embellishments and jacquard prints.

New York str S15 03 (1)      New York str S15 03 (2)

Giving their tailored pieces a twist, these ladies showcase style and personality through their choice of accessories. Proving that white is far from bland, whilst the kimono and loafers of the left outfit give a plain white dress a more boyish edge, the formal, tapered white coat on the right is given a feminine twist through high stiletto shoes and a Michael Kors clutch.

Street Fashion – Ways to Wear White

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