Street Fashion- Sixties vs Seventies

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Street Fashion- Sixties vs Seventies

Paris str S13 221     Paris str S13 221b

Soft wavy hair and a vibrant print: this is one look that epitomises the late Sixties and Seventies. Following the trend with a foliage pattern shit and flowing pleat skirt, a brown leather satchel and frilled loafers prove to be the perfect final pieces.

Paris str S14 002b     Paris str S14 002a

The Sixties provided a variation of trends but it wouldn’t be Sixties Fashion without featuring the most acclaimed clothing invention of the era: Mary Quant’s Mini dress. Shaping Swinging London and eventually the international fashion scene, dresses like the above have been redesigned and revisited by designers such as Jonathon Saunders and David Koma for this years Autumn/Winter collections.

Paris str S13 239     Paris str S13 239a

Flared trousers are an item of clothing that shaped an entire era and are the trademark we commonly consider when it comes to Seventies styling. Worn beautifully with a loose cotton shirt, this silky pair steer away from the denim norm with their delicate floral finishing.

Paris str S15 167     Paris str S15 168

Final inspirations for Sixties and Seventies styles can be sourced through the above two styles. With the left outfit focusing on this years Seventies trend with the pairing of a striped necktie and mustard suede jacket with dark aviator glasses, the right revisits the Sixties penchant for pairing powerfully patterned minis with bold white Go-Go boots.

Street Fashion- Sixties vs Seventies

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