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Street Fashion- Urban Youth

Hip, Happening Londoners.

London m str S17 215

Double denim is hard enough to pull off, but here triple denim is made to look easy. Breaking up the fabric with a bright, Hawaiian style shirt, hair is curled and piled up with a denim headband.

London str S16 064   London str S16 064a

Draping soft silky materials in different lengths is a great way to elongate the figure. Keeping it Classic in neutral navy shades, the outfit is made quirkier with white socks and silver stilettos.

London m str S17 188

Colours clash and patterns merge together in this loud, laddish look. Taking us back to the Punk era, the outfit is accompanied by heavy Doc Martens and blunt, cropped hair.

London str S16 071   London str S16 071a

With camouflage clothing sneaking it’s way back onto the high street, this outfit ditches the pattern whilst retaining its colours. Combining mossy greens with deeper and lighter shades, suede materials make it soft but sophisticated. Finished with a matching fedora and embellished shades.

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Written by Natalie Horsley

Natalie is an English graduate whose interest in fashion began at an early age. A writer and blogger, she is passionate about vintage and French fashion and cites Audrey Hepburn as her ultimate style icon.

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