Street Fashion- Stripes

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Street Fashion- Stripes

New York str S16 146   New York str S16 183a

Used correctly, stripes are great for elongating your body. Featured on maxi length dresses, these stripes do the job whether worn in a bohemian design or printed on a tighter fit. Styled accordingly with similar styled shoes.

New York str S16 143a

A classic white tennis dress is reinvented through diagonally streamed emerald stripes. Worn with mirrored sunglasses, the dress is enlivened through varied lengths and floaty back.

New York str S16 182   New York str S16 182b

Monochrome shades mixed with striped prints, this fishtail day dress combines two fashion classics. Keeping things simple with a block stripe on top, the pattern descends into a contrasting striped bottom. This look also finishes with contrast coloured shoes.

New York str S16 190

Stripes don’t have to be all fun and games; as demonstrated by this perfect look for the office. Utilising the pattern to brighten up work wear, whilst the colours continue into the shoes, professionalism is maintained through a blue linen shirt and poker straight hair.

Street Fashion- Stripes

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