Street Fashion- Transition

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Street Fashion- Transition

Moving from your winter wardrobe into clothes for warmer weather.

Crafted in a practical grey colour, this knitted dress is the ideal piece for transitioning from fall into Spring and Summer. Nipping in at the waist and made with a pleated finish, the dress is worn with a berry handbag and statement jewellery.

New York str S16 042   New York str S16 042b

Denim is a springtime favourite and great for embracing the warmer weather. Incorporating Spring/Summer colours through a striped, blue wrap skirt and white blouse, the outfit is finished with super straight hair and trusty ballet flats.

New York str S16 006b
Swapping staple denim jeans for a patchwork pair, this lady proudly sports the Stars and Stripes. With the jeans acting as the centre piece of the outfit, accompanying garments are kept minimal in both their colour and design.

New York str S16 279a
When the sun’s out, soft, breathable fabrics are desirable; making dresses like this one key pieces in the spring-summer wardrobe. Featuring a check design, dress it up like this with suede, strappy heels or, where appropriate, dress down with flats/sandals.

Street Fashion- Transition

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