Street Fashion- Smart Casual

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Street Fashion- Smart Casual

Milano str F13 078  Milano str F13 078 (1)

A wardrobe staple and reliable garment, dress up your jeans with an oversized jacket and a pair of heels. Slicked back hair and stilettos compliment the structured detailing on the left coat making this a perfect look for both in and out of work, whilst steel-capped boots and a wide-brimmed fedora are cute but cosy for city strolls.

Milano str F13 113 (1)   Milano str F13 113

Introducing a flavour of the Middle East, Oriental prints inspire a sense of decadence in casual outfits. Whether you opt for coat, top or trouser form, neutral colours can be used to balance the outfit and ensure that all attention is drawn to the detailed prints.

Milano str F13 131 (1)   Milano str F13 131

Keeping on trend with this years ongoing seventies trend, style up your workwear with a pair of tapered flares. Worn in a looser shape with a matching shirt and classic hairstyle, or slimmed down in a suit form, these structured looks are pretty but powerful.

Milano str F13 150   Milano str F13 172

With winter coats draped over their shoulders, both ladies opt for an intriguing form of print. Whilst the left takes a more subtle approach by pairing crisp white and metallic shades against trousers crafted in snake print, the right goes overboard for polka dot print by wearing it in all shapes and sizes from head to toe.

Street Fashion- Smart Casual

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