Street Fashion- Compliment and Contrast

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Street Fashion- Compliment and Contrast

New York str S15 018   New York str S15 018b

A sophisticated look worn on the streets, this look takes the classic little black dress to a new level. Pieced with some tasseled brogues and a mini clutch bag, this ensemble’s unusual setting makes it the ideal look for those hoping to swap  the desk for the dance floor.

New York str S15 070   New York str S15 070b

Laid back but by no means lazy, this gentleman likes his comfort clothing to be slightly more chic. Wearing a loose grandad shirt with harem style trousers, a touch of geek chic emerges through glasses, boat shoes and a sturdy leather backpack.

New York str S14 193    New York str S14 193a

Slimline shapes mixed with an oversized accessory, the key to this outfit stems from its simple colours. Choosing to colour block with some classic monochrome, by pairing a maxi skirt with a cropped top contrasts are conceived, whilst the sizeable fedora dominates the outfits straight structure.

New York str S15 199    New York str S15 203

Clean but colourful, the whiteness of these dungarees are brought to life by the multiple colours of a jacket. Kept youthful through a wide brimmed hat and printed bralet, this look is cool and casual thanks to some trainers by New Balance.

Street Fashion- Compliment and Contrast.

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