Why You Should Wear Carnelian

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Gemstones have been around for hundreds of years and have always been widely used as pieces of jewelry. The beauty of a gemstone can lie in its color, or the absence of one. It has been said that diamonds are considered the most beautiful gemstones because of their sparkle and clarity. Most gemstones are precious, but there are some that are quite inexpensive.

The different kinds of gems include rose, emerald, jade, topaz, amethyst, ruby, diamond, and carnelian, among many others. Gemstones vary with the different characteristics they possess. The colors range from green, pink, yellow, orange, red, blue, violet, to brown. A gemstone can either be a natural gemstone or a man-made one.

What Is A Carnelian?

Carnelian is a stone that’s found deep within the mines of South Africa. It’s a silicate mineral that’s considered to be one of the hardest stones ever found. The red, orange, and green hues that are associated with this stone have made it a popular choice among jewelry designers, but there’s much more to them than just their beautiful colors; carnelian gemstones are also believed to possess healing benefits.

Carnelian gemstones are highly popular for their elegance and luster. They are not only beautiful, but are also very hard-wearing stones, lasting for centuries if properly cared for.

There are many different ways carnelians can be shaped and polished, and some of the most beautiful are called faceted or carvings. If you’re looking for a more unusual carnelian gemstone, consider getting it in a faceted form. Some people prefer the more subdued look of carnelians that don’t have an obvious cut, and which come in small round beads.

If you’re interested more in learning about gemstones, the different kinds that exist and the healing properties they can offer you, try searching for a gemstone guide.

Healing Benefits

Carnelians have long been used in the healing arts, as well as for aesthetic purposes.

The red color of the stone has long been associated with blood, particularly the color of human blood. This gemstone is believed to help with blood flow, and to remove toxins from the body. As a part of the healing arts, it’s also often used to relieve pain and other symptoms associated with many different ailments. It’s used to manage certain illnesses, such as heart disease, arthritis, hypertension, and cancer.  Cornelians are also thought to assist with digestion, so they can be used to help relieve intestinal discomfort, too.

You’ll find many health benefits from wearing carnelian gemstones, including increased energy, clearer skin, improved vision, enhanced sleep, more energy, a stronger immune system, clearer skin, and better memory.

While it doesn’t always increase energy flow through a room (or for somebody), a carnelian can do it in a calming and positive sort of way. This opal-like stone feels very comforting in its nature and transmits that same warmth, safety, and inner peace to its environment. It makes its environment feel safe because it contains an air of comfort, apart from it being used to create beautiful and delicate pieces of jewelry. This is why you should consider wearing carnelian jewelry because it’s a unique stone, and you will find it more comfortable than other stones that don’t have this unique quality.

Because it is lightweight, it helps absorb the light and heat of sunlight, and radiates them back at you with ease. This means that you won’t have to worry about damaging your hair or skin by sitting under to the sun all day. Another benefit of carnelian is that it helps with stress and tension, as well s promotes relaxation. So, if you are feeling stressed out, wearing carnelian jewelry can help you relax even further.

Carnelians have also been known for their ability to help with mental clarity and alertness. They have long been used by ancient Egyptians and other cultures to help with concentration. Still often used today to help with mental clarity. carnelians are also often worn as a necklace to help with meditation, and are a common option for those looking for an alternative way to manage migraine and anxiety.



Carnelian gemstone jewelry has the ability to enhance your personality through passion, courage, and confidence. The unique combination of colors and health benefits are sure to improve the personality of your heart and spirit!  Your heart is a reflection of your inner being, so choose carefully what your heart truly wants to wear. This specific piece of jewelry is a beautiful way to let your inner beauty shine, aside from all the healing advantages you get from sporting a carnelian.


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