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If you’ve been feeling the desire to do something to stand out from the crowd lately, you’re not alone. For the past few years, the trend has been to scale back on jewellery. But delicate charms and minimalist studs are making way for classic gems and statement necklaces. Whether you’re looking for gorgeous gifts for wife or another special someone in your life, read on to discover the hottest trends for 2020/2021.


Heirloom Inspiration

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If you’re wondering if a classic can be a trend, the answer is: absolutely. But since not everyone has a family jewellery box to raid, designers are making vintage-inspired pieces. Items such as chandelier-style earrings and pearls are making a big comeback in 2020. Not only are pearls the traditional gift for a 30th anniversary, they’re a classic that look great with everything from jeans to business attire to evening wear.


Heirloom-like pieces such as necklaces, lockets and signet rings are personal, unique, and very hot this year. And don’t forget about brooches. If they bring to mind the Queen of England, think again. Brooches are surprisingly versatile. Pin one on a hat, scarf or bag, or string it on a chain and wear it as a pendant. You can even incorporate a brooch into your hairstyle.



Unique Cuts


A couple of years ago, just about everyone went with a brilliant round or princess cut for their engagement ring. But these standard shapes have been losing ground to fancier cuts, including pear, emerald, marquise and Asscher. Rose-cut, a popular style in the Victorian era, is especially hot this year. Longer, oblong shapes both show off carat weight and elongate fingers.


Also hot are baroque pearls. Not a cut per se, but unique all the same. Classic round pearls never go out of style, but the bold, one-of-kind shape of baroque pearls are particularly relevant this year when people are looking to express their individuality.


Coloured Stones

Another trend this year is a shift away from standard white diamonds toward coloured stones. Sapphires, emeralds, aquamarine, and coloured diamonds are all in vogue. Coloured gems represent emotions and some believe they attract certain qualities, such as emerald for abundance or sapphire for commitment. Other people just like the colour. Whether you’re looking to attract positives or just match your eyes, brightly hued gems are a great choice. They lend a pop of colour and let your true colours shine.


Reinvented Hoops

Like chains, hoops are hot right now, and the bigger the better. It’s more or less impossible to come up with an outfit they’d clash with. Next, people love hoops because they draw attention to the face. Finally, hoops can be found in just about any style, offering endless variations on the timeless theme. Statement hoops are chunky, and some aren’t even round. Square, irregular or otherwise unique, hoops are a must-have for 2020/2021.


In short, what’s old is new and style truly is cyclical, so don’t you dare discard that mood ring, butterfly hair clip or leather cuff! You know they’ll be back sooner rather than later.

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