Why Jeans Will Never Go Out Of Style

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Jeans are a staple of many people’s wardrobes, and even if you don’t wear them yourself, it only takes a walk down the local high street, and practically every other person will be wearing a pair.

But, how did jeans come to be a part of a wardrobe, and why are they an all season trend that never seems to go away?

The Origins Of Jeans

Jeans weren’t always a piece of fashion. Denim trousers became a part of the working man’s wardrobe during the later years of the 1800s, denim is a very durable material, and this made it an excellent material for work clothes.

The pockets and the fly area was found to be quite weak, and so, a tailor named Jacob Davis teamed up with Levi Strauss – recognise that name? – and between them they came up with the idea of adding metal rivets to the pockets, and metal buttons to the fly in 1873. This made the denim trousers much more durable and long lasting, and these were the first pair of jeans that were near the ones that we know today.

The turn of the century saw those such as miners and cowboys starting to wear jeans more, because of their durability and wearability.

The 1950s saw jeans really come into the world of fashion. The 50s saw the birth of the ‘teenage’ generation, and many famous rebels such as James Dean made blue jeans the item of clothing to wear to emulate your on screen heroes.

Jeans remained an item of clothing that was mainly worn by men, until the swinging sixties. Wearing jeans was a sign of the era, of throwing off the more structured clothing of the last couple of decades.

Since then, jeans have never left our wardrobes, with different styles being associated with different eras, the flares with the 70s and the skinny jeans with the 2000s, for example.

The 1980s saw the rise of designer jeans, after a hugely successful campaign by Calvin Klein featuring Brooke Shields wearing a pair in an advert. Many designers then started showing jeans on the catwalk, and designer jeans became the fashion accessory, and jeans remain a staple of almost all designer clothing collections today.

Jeans Are Incredibly Versatile

Jeans are one of those items of clothing that can be dressed up, or dressed down, it just takes pairing it with the correct shoes or top.

Jeans can be worn to do house painting as much as they can be worn to go to an expensive dinner with your friends.

You can easily wear a pair of smart jeans to the office and with a change of shoes, you can go out for a drink without looking out of place.

Jeans can easily be accessorised with many different things to make them as individual as you want. The simplest way to change up a look is to add a different belt, or a different pair of shoes.

However, embellishments can also be added to jeans, adding different patches, or rhinestones can change up the look. Some people even add their own designs in bleach which adds a very unique look.

Jeans such as the freddy wr up collection come in a whole range of styles, to suit everyone.

There Are Jeans For Everyone

No matter what your style, figure or preference, there will be a pair of jeans out there for you.

Jeans come in every colour and every style you can think of, from the ever present skinny jeans, to high waisted jeans, from mom jeans to flares, there really is something for everyone.

Jeans have traditionally been available in denim blue, but they can be found in pale blue, navy blue, white, grey, black and brighter colours like red and pink, essentially whatever your style, there will be jeans for you.

The other great thing about this super wide range is there is a style of jeans that will suit you, and flatter you, which is something that can’t be said for many other types of clothing.

Jeans are also extremely comfortable, and once you find the right fit for you, you will not want to wear anything else!

Jeans Are Hard Wearing

A good pair of jeans will last you many years, and if they do get a hole in them, they are very easy to repair.

As we have discovered, jeans were originally intended to be worn by those doing hard, manual work, and that durability of the denim fabric has remained, regardless of the fashionable changes.

If jeans can last for years on someone who is a cowboy, or who has a very physical job, then they will definitely last you wearing them for less strenuous activities.

The other great thing about a pair of jeans, is that they look even better as they age. Denim fabric ages very well, and in some cases, people even pay above the odds to buy jeans that are already distressed, there are no other items of clothing that we would pay more for to look like they’ve been worn.

The other great thing about jeans lasting a long time, is they go against the fast fashion world we live in. Fast fashion is extremely detrimental to our environment, it means using up many resources to create a garment that may only be worn for a month or even less.

Jeans being something that can last for many years, means not as many have to be created, and are better for the environment.

In Conclusion

So, as you can see, jeans are an incredibly versatile form of fashion, and have been a wardrobe staple for over a hundred years.

Jeans are useful and fashionable, which means they can be worn by everyone, for a whole variety of different reasons and occasions.

There are jeans for literally every person, and for every occasion, which means they will never go out of style.

So, whether you prefer your style to be new and edgy, or more classic, wearing jeans is sure to be a part of your look!


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