The Clothing Trend You Didn’t Know You Needed: Artwork Jeans

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Ever been wearing a pair of jeans and thought that they could use a bit more color and excitement? Well, you’re not alone, as painter Kessler Ramirez thought the exact same thing but decided to do something about it. In an interview with Business Insider, Ramirez explained that she started making money by first buying old jeans from thrift stores and then re-selling them on apps and websites. Not content with just that, Ramirez used her considerable painting talents to begin forming little pieces of artwork on the back-right pockets of denim jeans.

Able to be seen and purchased on her official website, some denim jeans, jackets, or shorts cost up to $215, but when you see the incredible amount of effort that has gone into hand painting famous works of art onto a back pocket, then the money spent is well worth it (some pieces can take around 30 hours). You get incredible artwork and jeans, so win/win. From Vermeer to Monet to Van Gogh, you’ll find paintings from many famous artists on a pair of jeans, rather than gallery walls. Plus, each clothing item with a hand painted piece of art is available for a limited time, as Ramirez only releases between 5 to 7 denim paintings of the same artwork.

“Their colors just work so well on denim, and their work translates so well to modern times,” says Ramirez when asked why she chooses artwork from famous painters from hundreds of years ago. “I want [people to know] the history of the work they are putting on, its legacy, and how unique and special it is.”

Oh, and don’t worry about how it’s possible to wash the jeans with a famous piece of artwork on the back, as Ramirez also includes special washing instructions with each the shipment of denim item purchased online. Make sure you read some useful tips about how to wash jeans and also follow Ramirez’s directions carefully! You wouldn’t want that beautiful artwork to be washed down the drain after all (not to mention all the money you just spent).

Thankfully, the jeans sold on Ramirez’s website feature a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors, so there’s bound to be something for everyone. In a world where it’s important to stand out a little in terms of what we wear, what could be more different than pieces of art on your back pocket? Artwork jeans, lion-ripped jeans … what will be next in the world of denim? We can’t wait.


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