Why Every Mom Should Wear a Postpartum Girdle After Giving Birth

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The bundle of joy is finally here. The moment you see that little human, you are filled with joy, no, joy is not the right word, but no words can describe what you feel.

It’s like a reunion with someone, but in this case, you have not met them before, but they have been so close to you. In other words, it’s the best feeling ever.

And it hits you, “am no longer pregnant” the relief combined with excitement can be overwhelming. After giving birth, you feel like you have your freedom back.

But do you really have it? The pain, the soreness, and afterward you are so conscious of what you wear because, hello! The big tummy is still there. In this case, you need a girdle.

In this article, you will learn why every mom should wear a postpartum girdle after giving birth.

What is a Postpartum Girdle?

A postpartum girdle is worn on the abdominal area to help the hips, abdomen, and bum gets back to their shape. It is under the shapewear category. Girdles are tight but breathable because they are made from medical grade material, spandex, and nylon.

Girdles have gained popularity after a few celebrities confessed to using them and achieving good results after childbirth. After that, more women started using them and giving good reviews.

Benefits Of Using Postpartum Girdles

Below are the reasons why every woman should wear a girdle after giving birth. It’s good to note that the girdle should not be won directly to the skin.

– It Helps With Postpartum Recovery

After giving birth, you go through an emotional roller coaster. At first, you are happy to finally meet your baby. But then your body feels like shit. Some people say they feel like they have excess fluid in their body plus cramping as the uterus contracts.

As if that is not enough, your body won’t look that great. You have a big sagging tummy and excess skin. You can’t even wear that fabulous dress you have been longing to wear since you feel all people can see is your stomach.

This is where girdles come in handy. After giving birth, the stomach muscles are weak. By holding the muscles close, the girdle enhances quick recovery. It can help solve the diastasis recti, which is a condition where the abs muscles are separated.

According to research by Physiotherapy Canada, girdles help women gain their strength, walk faster, and get back to their daily routines. Also, it helps the tummy to get back to its original size.

Additionally, it reduces the chances of the c-section breaking the sutures by protecting the stitches when a person makes a quick movement. Also, it reduces the swelling around the area. You can comfortably laugh and cough without the fear of causing injuries to the recovering tissues.

– Girdle Reduces Pain After Delivery

After delivery, there is usually pain from the uterus trying to contract and back pain due to the changing hormone levels. To some women, the pain is too much, and painkillers may not be of much help.

When you put on a girdle, it offers support to the back and the pelvic floor and helps relieve pain. It also helps in treating conditions like scoliosis.

– Helps You Regain Your Confidence and Esteem

When you put on the girdle, your tummy gets back to its normal size, and you can wear your sexy bodycon without feeling like all that people can see is your tummy. This helps with mental recovery.

When you are pregnant and nursing after delivery, at some point, you feel like you are losing yourself in motherhood and forgetting how you were before. Getting back your tummy will help to bring your old self back.

When you wear the girdle under your clothes, it helps you look slimmer, making new mums feel more confident. Plus, a good compliment like “you look so good no one can even tell you just popped a baby,” can elevate your moods.

– You Are Comfortable With The Girdle

The fact that a girdle is tight may make you think it will be uncomfortable for you; on the contrary, it’s not. It is made with medical products that ensure it’s comfortable for everyone. All you need is to ensure you don’t make it too tight as it will work equally when you wear it comfortably.

It holds everything intact, and you don’t have to feel like some organs are moving in the tummy, making it even more comfortable.

– Helps in Controlling Loose Skin

Girdles are the best corsets for natural childbirth as they make sure there is no unnecessary skin movement. When you are pregnant, the skin stretches to create space for the growing baby. After childbirth, the tummy has shrunk, but you will still have excess skin.

Keeping the skin intact helps prevent the skin from getting more stretch marks and preventing it from losing its elasticity. This way, the excess skin recovers faster, and you are left with no or minimal stretch marks.

When to Wear a Girdle

There are different opinions on when one should start wearing a girdle. But there is no harm in wearing it a few hours after delivery. As long as you are comfortable, go ahead and wear it. It will help in fastening the recovery process having in mind how the stomach is stubborn when it comes to recovering.

To get the best results, make sure you wear it for four to six weeks to get the best results. It’s good to note a girdle is not the same as a normal waist trainer.

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Using a Postpartum Girdle.

– Don’t wear the girdle in the shower.

– Do not wear it directly to the skin. Wear a t-shirt, and put it on top of the T-shirt.

– The girdle shouldn’t be worn when one is pregnant.

– Ensure you wear it loose and ensure you are comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Recovering fast, both physically and emotionally, is good for you and the baby since you will be a better mum when you are happy. And one way you can fasten your recovery is through using a girdle. Get your body back and feel good for you and the baby by ensuring you put on the girdle after delivery.


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