Several Lifehacks To Help Buy Branded Clothing Cheaper

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Living in a huge metropolis, I want to somehow stand out from the crowd. And it makes many people spend a significant part of their budget on stylish branded clothing. In our article, you will learn a few lifehacks, which will help you buy branded clothing cheaper.

Lifehack 1 – Visit Outlets

Outlets – stores that sell things from past collections at discounted prices. Usually, the price of branded dresses, shoes, handbags does not exceed the price during the sale, which the brand stores hold at the end of the season. To get to the most popular outlets in the world, you will have to fly to London, Barcelona, Munich, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Milan, Brussels, or Shanghai. And already there you will have to buy a lot of things at once, otherwise, the trip simply will not justify itself. It will obviously take you a long time, so tol be able to catch up with all your college or university work, contact

Outlets will also be suitable for those who want to buy clothes and shoes from the newest collections. The fact is that the assortment of any boutique depends not on what collection came out from Fendi or Louis Vuitton, but on what order will make a particular store. Therefore, it is often possible to see the last year’s collections on the boutique shelves. In outlets you can buy the same thing cheaper.

Many people avoid the outlet, believing that the things for them are sewn separately at other factories. This statement is only partially true. In many ways, the quality of goods depends on the brand that sells the outlet. Those who are well versed in collections of famous brands, will be able to distinguish the original from the thing of lower quality, which is sewn in Turkey or China.

Lifehack 2 – Look for bonus programs and special offers

Many boutiques have bonus programs, which allow accumulating points and getting discounts. The more items you buy, the higher the discount will be, so it is profitable to go shopping together with friends, making purchases on the same card. Do not forget to keep track of special offers – for example, stores often offer additional discounts when buying 2-3 things at once or when buying goods for a certain amount.

Lifehack 3 – Buy clothes at the “right” time.

Before the beginning or in the high season, many brands offer additional discounts to attract customers and sell the current collection as soon as possible. For example, in August discounts apply to goods for school, and after the New Year you can buy winter clothes and shoes. Do not forget about seasonal sales – such as Black Friday, when the stores sell goods with discounts up to 50-80%.

Lifehack 4 – Catch discounts on the Internet.

Online sales stores have several advantages at once. First, they cooperate with well-known companies and really offer a huge selection of original branded items with great discounts. Secondly, on such platforms there are a huge number of brands, so you can choose everything you need in one place.


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