Get Ready for the Holiday Season with These Fashion Tips

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As the holidays draw nearer, you may be wondering how to dress to impress for the joyous season. In fact, if you’re feeling extra jolly, it may be high time to update your seasonal wardrobe. But how can you achieve the look you want without going over the top?

With a few subtle additions to your party wear, you’ll no doubt feel ready for the fun and frivolity of the holidays. Here are some top tips for seasonal styling:

Invest in a Little Black Dress

A little black dress is a timeless fashion accessory that every woman should have in her wardrobe. To achieve that festive holiday look, pair your LBD with different colored accessories, including red, green and/or silver, to give your outfit a touch of Christmas cheer.

Dress it up or down to suit the event and the weather. For the holidays, wear your little black dress with flats, a beanie and a scarf for casual daytime wear, and stockings and heeled boots for formal evenings. This is an investment that will take you from pre-holiday activities to New Year’s Eve.

Have Fun with Seasonal Accessories

The holidays are the perfect time to experiment with fashion — and adding in some seasonal accessories will make you feel extra festive. Of course, there’s a range of different options available, including casual, glam and cute. Christmas jumpers are a popular trend as a comfortable and quirky way to dress for low-key events.

Additionally, hair clips and headbands with faux ivy, reindeer ears or small baubles are a simple way to add some holiday spirit to your outfit. Other options include Santa hats, themed earrings, red belts, red and green shoelaces or soft red and gold bags.

Add Some Sparkle

Add some sophistication to your attire with a pop of sparkle. Metallics and glitter go hand in hand with holidays and parties, and you can choose between jewelry tones in yellow gold, rose gold or silver that best suit your skin. Stick to one statement piece, such as a gold jacket, silver shoes or a shimmering clutch, to help you stand out. If you prefer to keep it simple, glitter nail polish or shimmering bronze eyeshadow can be a subtle alternative.

Curl Your Hair

How should you style your hair over the holidays? In addition to festive-themed hair accessories, curls are still very much in fashion. Whether you opt for tight beach curls, long loose waves or bouncy ends, there is a style to suit every hair type. Additionally, you can prolong the life of your curls by lightly brushing and wearing your hair in an updo the following day. And, if you tend to keep busy, know that dry shampoo can refresh your locks when you don’t have time to wash, dry and restyle it. To achieve such a look, use a curler, twist your hair around your straightener, or visit your hairdresser.

Get Fashion Ready for the Holidays!

If you’re looking to refresh your look for the holidays, a little black dress is a wardrobe staple you can transform with different colored bags, belts and jewelry. Look for festive accessories to give your look a seasonal twist, and consider adding some sparkle with metallics and glitter.

Complete the look with curls, as this hairstyle will suit both casual and formalwear. When it comes to holiday fashion, there really are no rules. Have fun with cute pieces and add touches of green, white and red to represent Christmas.


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