What Do Dark Circles under the Eyes Mean?

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Anyone can suffer from dark circles under the eyes, and while they can look unsightly, there are a number of ways to treat them. Understanding what causes these circles to appear will help if you want to get rid of them, so we are going to tell you about the root cause behind dark under eye circles.

Lack of Sleep

The most common reason that these circles will appear is because you aren’t sleeping well enough or long enough. You can lie down for hours and only get minutes of sleep because of distractions in the room, such as bright lights, loud noises or movement. If you are worried and have a lot on your mind, that can keep you from sleeping soundly as well.

If you are having trouble sleeping and don’t know how to change that, then you should talk to your doctor. There could be a medical reason that you are not aware of that could be treated. It’s a good idea to consult with your doctor, just to be sure.

Vitamin Deficiency

If you aren’t getting enough Vitamin D, that can result in dark circles too. People who are not sleeping well may sometimes not have dark circles under their eyes if they are ingesting enough Vitamin D in their diet. Various types of vitamin deficiencies can affect your skin and cause blemishes and they can make small problems worse than they would be normally.


A lack of water can cause dark circles too. If you make sure to drink plenty of water each day, you are less likely to experience this kind of health problem. How much water is enough every day? Doctors recommend 7-8 full glasses of water a day for adults, but your needs may vary based on the environment you live, what kind of work or activity you do each day, and your health. Be sure to consult with your doctor if you are not sure if you are getting enough water.


The dark areas under the eyes are often caused by a buildup of toxins in that area. You can use toxin flushes or cleanses, as well as apply tea bags containing caffeine to the affected area. There are some creams and other treatments that work well to topically medicate the area and remove toxins and clear up your skin.

Those toxins buildup because of all the reasons we already listed, so just making some simple lifestyle changes can help to naturally get rid of the toxins over time. To deal with them quicker, though, you will need to undergo some sort of treatment. There are a number of ways that dark eye circles can be medically treated, and we are going to look at what that involves.

What to Do about Your Dark Eye Circles

To treat your dark undereye areas, you should see a specialist about dark eye circle removal procedures. The circles can be treated with topical creams as well as with a minor surgical procedure. If you go the surgery route, then you will likely recover very quickly and see results right away. This is a safe, practical and affordable method for treating the dark circles, and you can check out more about it by visiting the Cambridge Medical website.

Laser surgery, chemical peels, minor incisions, medical tattoos, and tissue fillers are all viable options for treating those circles. You can get a recommendation from your specialist about which one might be the best choice for you. Take time to look at the pros and cons of each of these, as well as compare prices to make sure that you choose an affordable option.

No matter which method you choose, removing dark eye circles is considered a simple and low risk procedure. You should not experience any major complications or side effects following the procedure, so there is nothing to be worried about.

Most of the time, dark eye circles are just temporary, though. Before you go for any surgery or undergo an invasive treatment option, give the circles time to clear up and try some of the simple fixes like sleeping more and drinking plenty of water to treat the problem.

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