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Deciding what to wear on your big day may not be your most major decision, but it is certainly one of the most fun. Let us take the stress out of your planning and introduce you to some of the best wedding dress designers by Chicsew to consider when you start looking around. From classic couture to bohemian wedding gowns, from luxurious silk to head-to-toe lace, check out our selection of the best wedding dress designers.

Buying Guide for The Dusty Blue & Ivory Color of Chicsew Dresses


Dusty blue color dresses by Chicsew

Dusty blue color dresses are so attractive to people. There are many reasons why. The color can be combined with many other colors to make it look better. It is also an excellent choice for warmer seasons so it can be worn in the spring and summer, while there is not much lightness in this season. If you are looking for a color that can be worn by all skin tones and any season, dusty blue is one of the best options.


Dusty blue, or misty blue, is a muted tone of blue.

It is close to navy blue, but it has a bit greener in it than navy blue does. There are two kinds: one where you see a lot of brown in the shade and another where you do not. The difference between these two types is minor so if you get stuck choosing between them, just look at a swatch of each and choose whichever seems more like your color preference.

Dusty blue, a calming middle ground combination of powder blue and gray, is a versatile wedding dress color. It brings out the beauty in different tones of dresses as well as in women altogether. This lovely powder blue color has been named by many names including: Dusty Blue, Teal Blue, Dusty Teal, Pearl Teal, and Light Blue to name a few. One way you can wear dusty blue dress is by pairing it with black accessories and wearing it to an evening event.


Ivory color of dresses for wedding by Chicsew

Ivory dresses are all the rage. They are also a fantastic way to stand out in your wedding party and make a statement about who you are as a bride or groom. But what about ivory bridesmaids’ dresses? What about those cocktail dresses? Before you can even think about picking an ivory gown for yourself, it is important that you understand how to wear it on various occasions—including your wedding day. Here is everything you need to know:

Ivory color of ChicSew dresses are one of the most popular wedding dress colors. Ivory is a smart choice for any bride who wants to incorporate a classic color into their wedding. It can be paired with almost any other color, so you will have many options when it comes time to pick out your dress!

Ivory is also a great color for winter weddings because it has an elegant and sophisticated feel that will suit any bride’s style. This makes it perfect for brides who want their gowns to evoke elegance or sophistication during this special occasion in their lives. If you are planning to have your event outdoors, then ivory would be the best choice as well—it will keep you warm while still looking elegant and feminine!


Ivory bridesmaid dress

The color of your bridesmaid dresses should be ivory. This will be a smart choice because it matches the color of your wedding, so you do not have to worry about mixing them up later in the day.

Ivory cocktail dress

Ivory is a neutral color that can be paired with any color. It is the best option for the bride who wants to look beautiful and elegant. The ivory cocktail dress can be worn at any type of party, wedding, or social event. If you want your dress to look classic and elegant then you should choose this kind of outfit because it looks great on everyone who wears it!

What Color Shoes to Wear with Ivory Dress?

Ivory is a great color for weddings and proms. It is an elegant, classic shade that works well with any dress or outfit.

Ivory dresses are often associated with bridesmaids and formalwear, but they can also be worn by women at other events such as birthday parties and holiday festivities like Christmas or Easter. It is important to remember that there are many different shades of ivory available; distinct colors will look best on different skin tones!

One way you can find your perfect fit is by looking at pictures online before ordering anything in person from a store near you (or buying something online). This will give you an idea of how the dress looks on others who may also wear it so that if something does not work out then maybe next time, we will go try something else instead just maybe this time around things might turn out differently…

Be yourself

It is time to get yourself ready for the big day. You have been planning this wedding for a long time and it is finally coming around. You must prepare yourself physically and mentally, but do not worry about what other people think about your dress choice or what they are going to say about the way you look in it! If someone does not like something about your outfit then that is their problem; not yours! Do not let anyone else tell you how much weight goes into choosing an outfit when we all know that there are so many factors involved in this decision such as budget, personal taste, comfort level etcetera…



Finally, if you do go with an ivory veil (as opposed to something like pink), then make sure it is long enough so that everyone can see it clearly without having their heads cut off by yours! As one of the most versatile colors there is, you can wear this in any season and pair it with a variety of other colors and themes.

Dusty blue color dresses are perfect for any occasion. Not only do these colors look great on all skin tones, they can be paired with anything from an elegant black dress and floaty scarf to a casual monochrome knit outfit and black hat!


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