Top Tips On How To Avoid Razor Burn When Shaving

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Are you one of those men who always prefer a clean, well-shaved face? Well, you’re not alone. There are men all around the world who prefer just the same thing. The thing is, often when you shave off your unwanted hair, razor burns come to replace it. If you’ve ever had red rashes after shaving, you’re most likely experiencing razor burn. It’s actually very common. Some people get it each and every time they shave. However, do you really have to keep being tormented by these rashes, and is there no way to prevent them from happening?  You’ve probably thought at one point that there must be a way to help you avoid razor burns from shaving. The answer is that there’s not only one way, but multiple tricks that you can implement to avoid this annoying affliction.

Prep Your Skin

Nothing beats this tip. As much as possible, you should avoid shaving over dry skin. So, warm up your skin by taking a steamy shower, or wash your face with very warm water. This will make your skin more less susceptible to friction, and open up your pores so that shaving’s easier. With this kind of preparation, you’ll have softer skin and hair, avoiding the razor blade dragging and tugging at your skin. As a matter of fact, this improves the razor’s ability to cut through the hairs faster and cleaner. After cleaning your face with warm water, apply cream or a pre-shave oil. This will form a thinner base-layer over your skin, shielding it from the blade and not putting you at risk of razor burns.

Amp Up Your Razor Hygiene

If you want to prevent razor burns, make sure that you replace your razor regularly. A dull and dirty blade is not just icky; it can also play host to bacteria and infectious particles. You don’t want that. If you want to find the right kind of quality razor for your needs, you should visit and explore the various available options. Keep in mind that you should never use your razor more than 7 times, and never for more than 3 weeks. Make sure that you replace the blade at either of those intervals. For those with sensitive skin, a razor with a fewer number of blades is good enough. This is because it minimizes the number of sharp objects dragging over your skin.

Shave Against Your Hair Growth

Do not get carried away when shaving your hair. Make sure that you loosen your grip and that you’re shaving against the growth. You really don’t need to apply a lot of pressure to the blade. Otherwise, it will pull the hairs out from below the surface of your skin, making it irritated. So, lighten your grip and let the blade glide smoothly over the pre-shave layer and the shaving cream. Multiple passes are not advisable, but if they’re necessary then shave util the hair is gone.

Rinse the Blade Before Repeating

Of course, you won’t have all the hair removed in one swoosh of the blade. You’ll have to do more than one or two runs. So, make sure that the blade is clean. After every stroke, wash the razor under warm water to clear out any hair and foam. The hair stuck in your razor blade could easily cause burns, and will hinder the blade in shaving as much hair in one go as it should.

Apply Calming Products

After shaving, your pores are all open and your hair follicles are quite “shocked” from what’s happened. Make sure you calm them all down before you call it a day. After shaving, rinse your skin with some cold water to remove any debris and to close your pores. You can also do this with a nice after-shave cleaner which can be a refreshing wash for you, and apply a post-shave toner in order to disinfect and clean your pores. You can use aloe-vera cream, oatmeal bath, avocado oil or a cold compress on the shaved area.


If you always look forward to a clear and well-shaved face and body, then make sure you take the tips mentioned above on how to avoid razor burns when shaving into consideration. This will leave you with a cleaner and softer finish, such as you’ve never imagined. And if you don’t suffer from the irritation aspect, you at least won’t be left with red marks on your skin.


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