Latest Jewelry Trends Across the Map

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Jewelry can be used to take any outfit up a notch. Even if you are rocking athletic wear, you can wear jewelry that will make you look sleek on lazy days. Nowadays, there are many necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings that complement your outfits. Between gold, silver, beads, and pearls, there are many different products that are used to create stunning accessories. In this article, we will share the latest jewelry trends that are popping up across the nation.

1. Uniquely-Designed Rings

Nowadays, couples everywhere are raising the standards for beautiful engagement rings. Although simplistic solitaire rings with silver bands used to be a common trend, there are now many unique and vintage rings that are popular among young brides. Love and Promise is a Chicago jewelry designer that is known for creating immaculate pieces for brides across the globe.

2. Layered Necklaces

For a short period of time, the only type of layered necklace that was commonly worn was dainty and gold. Now, there are many variations of layered designs that help individuals express their fashion sense and personality. When layering necklaces, many people have different chain lengths that hold various pendants and stones. If you are looking to make a statement, these necklaces draw attention to your bold fashion sense.

3. Thick Bracelets

For years, people stacked dozens of bangles on a single arm. Although this style was flattering, it often could be loud. In addition, the collision of bangles could cause the pieces to get damaged or scratched. Nowadays, people are wearing thick banded bracelets. Many of these cuffs are silver or gold. These cuffs may be engraved, adorned with stone, or decorated with beads. This style of bracelet is the perfect complement to a short-sleeve or sleeveless gown.

4. Crawler Earrings

Even if you only have one ear piercing, you can now purchase earrings that make it look like you have piercings on the entirety of your ear. Although many pairs of crawler earrings do not dangle, they are bold and creative. In some cases, these earrings are designed to look like animals or plants. In other situations, this piece of jewelry can be adorned with diamonds and other stunning stones.

5. Mismatched Jewelry

For years, people have been working diligently to find the perfect sets of jewelry pieces. Not only did people buy matching sets, they looked for unique pieces that fit perfectly with their style. Now, people have bold fashion tastes and are choosing to wear accessories that do not match. In some situations, people wear two different types of earrings. From there, they wear bracelets, necklaces, and rings that utilize different settings, colors, and shapes.


From the beginning of time, jewelry has been used to take everyday style up a notch. In addition, accessories are used as an avenue for showcasing luxurious stones and beautiful diamonds. Due to the ever changing nature of the fashion industry, jewelry trends are constantly being tweaked. Because of the creative inspiration of jewelers, the market is flooded with many beautiful pieces.


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