Wear Your Wrist Jewelry Right: 7 Key Tips to Styling Bracelets

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Wrist jewelry is the perfect way to add some bling and make a statement about an outfit. Here’s how to style bracelets and watches to make a statement.

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Have you been known to over-accessorize? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one.

After all, accessories add personalization to any outfit. It can be difficult when you have three glittery bracelets to pick just one.

With this guide, you can learn how to style your bracelets the right way. From mixing and matching to choosing a comfortable bracelet, styling has never been easier.

Now, are you ready to dive right in? Here’s the insider scoop on styling your wrist jewelry:

1: Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

Make your jewelry stand out by mixing and matching your bracelets. You can do this by adding different styles to your wrists.

Although if you’re unsure where to begin, just start with the basics. Wear 3 to 4 bracelets that share similar traits. For example, stack gold bangles, or colorful permanent bracelets, or you could wear a string bracelet and custom silicone wristbands.

However, if you want to be more creative, you could vary their width and color throughout your wrist. You can add different bracelets that have unifying characteristics and shuffle them depending on your outfit.

When choosing, make sure your bracelets complement one another. You don’t want one bracelet to be in contrast to another. It would only make the stack look odd and out of place.


2: Sometimes Less is More

While stacking heavy bracelets can be creative and fun, sometimes it’s not always needed. Sometimes simplicity is better than excess.

Thus, try not to stack too many bracelets together. Instead, focus on keeping a maximum of three to four bracelets per arm. It will help you keep accessories to a minimum.

Even though it’s fun to wear chunky jewelry, it’s important not to overdo it. It can make some outfits look chaotic rather than chic.

Instead, wear a simple leather band or a dainty silver bracelet. You’ll be surprised at how much a thin bracelet can improve a look.

Although if you’re unsure where to begin, just start with the basics. Wear 3 to 4 bracelets that share similar traits. For example, stack gold bangles, or you could wear a string bracelet and custom silicone wristbands.


3: Do Not Mix Metals

While normally mixing and matching works great, that doesn’t always include metal types. Instead, always be cautious when mixing metal jewelry.

While platinum, sterling silver, and gold are all stunning, they aren’t necessarily meant to go together. That is unless you have a bracelet that has mixed metal types. Then try mixing metals to see how it would look.

Although generally, it’s best to stick to one metal type. For example, if you have a few silver bracelets, you should match those with other silver metals. That way, your outfit is more organised and cohesive

For more information about wrist jewellery, visit our website to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you

4: Consider the Length of Your Sleeve

This is a rather important but rather overlooked styling tip: consider your sleeves. If you’re wearing a long-sleeved dress, opt for a long necklace or a pair of large earrings instead.

It doesn’t make sense to wear a few bracelets that no one will see. Instead, wear them with shorter sleeves or with sleeves that are of ¾ length.

That way, you can show off your bracelets. In fact, with shorter sleeves, bracelets can become the main focus. However, long sleeves have a tendency to hide them.

That’s why it’s essential to pick and choose which outfits you can pair with bracelets.

5: Choose a Bracelet With Multiple Functions

Bracelets can be more than a simple accessory. In fact, some bracelets double as watches. While some display your mood through different colors others, state medical conditions.

It makes it more efficient to wear two accessories at once. That way, your arm is not weighed down, or your outfit doesn’t appear clunky. In fact, multi-purpose bracelets are perfect for on-the-go parents and mom’s to be.

That way, you can style your outfit as well as have a tool for everyday use.

6: Choose a Bracelet That’s Comfortable

Most bracelets are cute, but some are not made of the most comfortable material. That can make for a cute style choice but an uncomfortable fit.

When styling, choose bracelets that are comfortable to wear throughout the day. That way, you don’t have to worry about your bracelet getting in the way of everyday activities.

After all, no one likes to be pinched, or have to worry about their bracelet falling off. It’s easy and more enjoyable if your bracelet fits comfortably on your wrist.

7: Don’t Wear Extra Jewelry

You might not realize it, but you can over-accessorize. By wearing too much jewelry, you can draw attention from yourself, making your outfit look cluttered and chaotic.

That’s why it’s best not to wear extra jewelry when you can. If you’re wearing a few bracelets, a pair of earrings won’t hurt. However, try not to pair them with anything too gaudy.

Although, if you’re wearing a stack of bracelets, you don’t need any other jewelry. Just think about it, if your wrists are full of bracelets, do you really need to wear a necklace, a pair of earrings and a ring too?

Style Your Wrist Jewelry Today

Bracelets are essential to every ensemble. You can mix and match, stack, or go the simple route and only wear one.

You can even wear a multi-purpose bracelet. There are different varieties, some of which come with a watch or mood capabilities.

Whichever you choose to wear, just remember, don’t mix metals. That is unless they are already mixed.

Although usually, it’s better to stick with one metal and style your look from there. That way, your outfit is more organized and cohesive.

For more information about wrist jewelry, visit our website to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!


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