Where Can You Get Hired If You’ve Studied Fashion Design

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Has fashion design been your life-long passion? Then doing something else, for example, designing consumer products such as the ones in this article, is an option but not the first you would like to consider. You’ve studied fashion design and you want a job in this field but you know that making it to the top in this industry is not easy, and getting a good first job is also difficult. Nonetheless, it’s not impossible and there are many different options for someone like you. Here are some of the most common jobs for someone with your degree.

A career in fashion design

Studying fashion to become a designer is like studying medicine to become a doctor. This is the main goal of people who embark on this journey. However, not everybody who graduates from a fashion school ends up opening their own fashion design business, let alone dress slender models walking down famous catwalks.

However, the good news for those who seek a job in the fashion industry is that there are many other opportunities. Before picturing your dream of becoming the next hit at the Milano Fashion Week come true, you can start from a more realistic position, for example working as an assistant for a designer.

Regardless of the reputation or size of the first fashion business you work for, it will give you the great advantage of gaining some hands-on experience. After a period, if you feel up to it and you have the necessary business skills and financial resources, you can invest in your own fashion boutique or online fashion store.

This way, you will get to put into practice your own creative ideas and earn a living by doing what you like most.

Working in fashion production

Whenever we say fashion, we picture a designer drawing sketches and adjusting clothes on a model. However, the less glamorous but equally important side of fashion is production which, as its name suggests, is the process of actually creating the products that will be released on the market.

There is a huge amount of work in this field, which means plenty of job opportunities. Especially if you have good technical skills or if you are a good manager, you will surely find a position that matches your capabilities.

You can coordinate a team of people who turn a design from sketch to reality, be in charge of materials and keep in touch with suppliers, or ensure the products meet the necessary quality standards.

A job in the ‘backstage’ of the fashion industry can be quite rewarding and not only in financial terms. You can really make a difference by implementing your ideas and streamlining production. Also, you can make impactful decisions when it comes to material choices, such as paying attention to sustainability, for example.

Writing about fashion

If you’ve always had a predilection for reading and writing, you might have already subscribed by now to several fashion blogs or magazines. If you’re ready to take your passion for the written word to the next level, you can become a fashion blogger or journalist.

Yes, there are many other people out there doing this already. But this doesn’t mean that there’s no more room for a newbie. Start with the simplest and easiest personal blog you can create on your own and post as frequently as you can.

Once you’ve made some experience, you can start approaching other journalists, bloggers, or magazines and see if they are interested in collaborating with you. Moreover, besides the chance to practice, having your own blog also enables you to make an extra income through affiliate marketing

All in all, there are multiple opportunities for somebody who has skills and a degree in the fashion field. Think about what your strengths and priorities are and once you have a clear idea, start targeting suitable jobs.


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