The Best Romantic Places to Visit in Pennsylvania

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Truth be told, Pennsylvania dating is never easy and finding the right girl can take some time. Thankfully, singles can now resort to using impressive feature-rich dating platforms to connect with someone who could become their life partner.

Lifestyle and Dating Tips

You could certainly go all out and alter your lifestyle so you bump into women seeking relationships with men, but the chances are it is not going to work. To find the right match, you need to be on the right kind of site. One with single women who appreciate your real lifestyle. The best dating sites in Pennsylvania are likely to present you with hundreds of potential matches, but if the registration process is cumbersome and boring or talks too much about money, beware. Look elsewhere.

Once you’ve found a potential dating partner, the goal is always to meet her in real life and spend quality time getting to know her. Pennsylvania spoils dating couples with more than sufficient opportunities to spend time out on dates getting to know your new partner and, perhaps, for love to blossom among the romantic backdrops of amazing attractions.  Here are some romantic places for you to hit with your date.

Susquehanna State Park

If you are an adventurous person and love hiking or just wanted to spend a day outdoors to brush away all your mental cobwebs, Susquehanna State Park is an ideal. The welcoming cool water breeze from the park will transport you with your date into another world. It’s an ideal place to enjoy biking or hiking picnic with plenty of natural hideaways for picnics with a loved one.

The Rose Gardens

If you admire natural beauty than a visit to The Rose Gardens is a must. After all, this is the flower of love. The sight of so many roses in bloom in the formal gardens is enough to fill inspire any soul into romance. It’s a treat for eyes and therapy for the mind to walk to round to see all varieties and colors, do not forged to take some pictures of the scenery together with your loved one. It’s the perfect location to stop to smell the roses and take photos with a stunning backdrop of the park.

Skytop Lodge

At the base of the West Mountain in the Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains lies the beautiful resort of Skytop Lodge. This idyllic location is a beautiful combination of hiking trails and natural lush green meadows. The scenic surroundings of the resort compel you to fall in love with its beauty and is an ideal place to date around. The vibrant grasslands enhance a romantic mood and quiet allows couples privacy for quality alone time. The 18 holes golf course and 30 miles hiking trail provide excellent further recreational opportunities.

Crystal Cave – Kutztown

For all adventure-loving couples, Crystal Cave is a great place to hang out. It is an underground cave that lies near Kutztown, PA. Just pull out your light sweaters and gear up your walking shoes to enjoy this mysterious natural beauty. This special cave excites its visitors with mesmerizing formations of milky white crystals on its walls. Not only the walls but also the ceilings are filled with countless white formations growing slowly but continually. The temperature of the cave is comfortable and it is an easy walk around to enjoy exploring with your loved one, don’t forget to hug your partner.

Abandoned Williams Grove Amusement Park

If you are up for a spooky fun adventure with your partner then the abandoned Williams Grove Amusement Park is your go-to go place. It’s near Mechanicsburg and decorated with a curious collection of rotting structures. The overall theme of the park is quite scary and is alluring spooky now its abandoned and left to the elements. There is a creepy carnival there to make this place more hauntingly atmospheric with piping organ music and weird clowns.

Choosing the right place to take a date can be hard work. It has to be somewhere you can both relax and be yourselves. Formal environments such as restaurants, don’t always cut it and can even add their own pressures when dating initially. Whether you choose the thrills of the theme park or the quiet serenity of Skytop, each new dates should reveal more of your own personality and interests. After all, the idea of going out on dates is to meet someone you can share your whole life with.


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