The History Of Chukka Boots

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When it comes to men’s boots, there are so many different kinds to choose from. Some men prefer Chelsea boots that are a timeless classic while others prefer the kind with a more biker style. Interestingly, some of these kinds of boots have been around for a long time. Chukka boots are one of the most popular kinds.

In this article, we are going to explore chukka boots a little more and tell you about the history of these boots. Keep reading to find out more.

 Where Did They Come From?

Chukka boots have been around for a long time and they are said to be originally from India. Of course, they were mostly worn by the British Army who were based in India at this time and more commonly worn by off-duty polo players.

The name “chukka” is said to be derived from the playing period in polo which is called a Chukka or a Chukker. This is actually a Hindi word and it can mean turn or circle. This relates to the fact that they came from India and made their way across to Britain.

The Popularity

It wasn’t until the 1940s and the 1950s that chukka boots really became very popular. Boots like these were able to provide style and comfort at the same time and this was appreciated. While other kinds of boots like Chelsea boots were stylish, they did not offer the same level of comfort as chukka boots.

Steve McQueen was known to wear chukka boots and this only made them more popular amongst the public in the coming years. You can now purchase boots like these at many retailers due to the immense popularity amongst British males.

What Are Chukka Boots?

If you are not familiar with the classic design of a chukka boot then you might be wondering what these look like. Interestingly, they can be adapted in various ways but there are some features that are commonly used. Chukka boots will typically have laces, a rounded toe-box, thin soles and are often made from calfskin suede leather.

These have been adapted over the years and you will find many different designs online and in stores.

How To Wear Chukka Boots

When you are wearing boots, it is important that you are dressing them up appropriately. There are a few ways that you can wear chukka boots with the best feature being that they can be worn casually or a little smarter. For a more formal look, we suggest opting for darker leather chukka boots. For those who want to go for a smart casual look, try some chukka boots with a t-shirt and some black jeans. You can even add a blazer for something a little more dressed up.

If you are planning on wearing chukka boots, make sure that you are choosing a pair that are high quality. These kinds of boots can last for a long time and go with plenty of outfit choices so the better the quality, the more use you’ll get out of them.

Try Them Today

If you have never had a pair of chukka boots then you are missing out on a really important wardrobe staple. These boots have been around for many years and are sure to be a great addition to your wardrobe if you choose the right pair.

Take a look online at the kinds of boots that are on offer and make sure that you are choosing the right type for you. Soon, you’ll be wearing your chukka boots just like they did in India way back then.


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