7 Things to Remember When Choosing Your Perfect Prom Dress

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If you’re about to start your final year of high school, then you’re probably already getting all excited thinking about your upcoming prom. It might be a full school year away, but prom comes around faster than most students realize, so it’s always a great idea to get prepared in time so that you’re ready to enjoy a fun, memorable night celebrating this momentous time of your life.

For most girls, getting a unique yet beautiful dress for the prom celebration is one of the most important parts of the night. Getting to wear that stunning gown and feel like a celebrity for the night at prom is a feeling that’s not going to go away for a long time – and of course, you’ll want to be in with a chance at winning prom queen! So, we’ve put together some top tips and tricks to help you choose the perfect, show-stopping prom dress for you.

1 – Stay True to Yourself:

There’s no point in going with a prom dress style just because it’s on trend right now, or your friends like it, if you’re going to feel uncomfortable in it all night. No matter how pretty the dress is, if it’s not ‘you’ then it could end up ruining the night for you. The last thing that you want to feel is out of place and self-conscious, so opt for a prom dress that speaks to your sense of style and that you feel comfortable wearing.

2 – Know Your Body Type:

When you have an idea of what your body type is, then it’s going to be easier to pick a prom dress that fits well, is easy to move around in and is comfortable and flattering to your figure. A good place to start is by looking at a dress you already own, that you enjoy wearing and feel great in – opting for a similar style could be a great idea. Take notice of your face shape, too – this can help you choose the best neckline – for example, if you have an oval shaped face, a v-neckline is going to suit you well.

3 – Set a Budget:

Once you’ve started thinking about the type of dress that you’d like to have, it can be tempting to start shopping straight away – but make sure that you set a budget first. Having a clear budget in mind will help you make sure that you don’t get carried away with all the excitement that comes with prom, and helps you avoid being disappointed if you find the perfect dress only to discover that the price tag is too high. Discuss your budget ideas with your parents if they are paying for your dress, and decide what your price range is going to be before you start searching.

4 – Look Online:

With online shopping growing in popularity, finding the perfect prom dress could be just a couple of clicks away. And, with many more options to choose from online compared to on the high street, internet shopping for prom dresses could mean that you manage to bag a bargain, too. Check out these stunning prom dresses at Jovani which come in a huge range of styles, colors, fits, lengths and prices to fit everybody’s tastes and budgets.

5 – Find a Dress You Can Re-use:

Are you – or your mom and dad – begrudging paying out so much for a dress that you’re only going to wear once? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to. Being savvy when it comes to choosing your dress means thinking ahead and getting a gown that you may be able to utilize in the future. Many prom dresses make perfect evening gowns or even wedding guest gowns. And if you don’t like wearing the same outfit twice, you could always get professional alterations made at a much cheaper price than buying a new dress altogether.

6 – Give Yourself Plenty of Time:

Another crucial tip to keep in mind when choosing a prom dress is to give yourself plenty of time. Starting shopping early means that you can avoid the rush and perhaps even take advantage of lower prices, since the demand won’t be as high compared to the few weeks in the run-up to prom. Plus, you’ll be able to try on different styles without having to rush, making for a fun and stress-free experience.

7 – Don’t Forget to Accessorize:

Finally, the accessories that you pair with your prom dress can make all the difference to your outfit. Consider the type of dress you’ve chosen – if it’s quite glamorous with lots of lace and embellishments, keep your jewelry simple and classy – think a tennis bracelet, minimal necklace and small stud earrings. On the other hand, if your dress is quite simple and clean, you have more room to stand out with larger, brighter accessories.

What’s your dream prom dress looking like? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.



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