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Your eyes are the window to your soul. Without the sense of sight, you won’t be able to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. Eyesight represents one-fifth of your senses, and most of the things that you can perceive are possible, thanks to your eyes.

However, some people aren’t blessed with healthy eyes that have optimal function. Conditions such as blurry vision, astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness, stop them from clearly seeing the world. Thankfully, professional eye care services got them covered.

Importance Of Proper Eye Care

All over the world, a sizable population is estimated to have affected vision. In the U.S. alone, around 177 million individual’s eyes need some type of correction or other. Wherever you are in the world, reasons remain the same: genetic factors, UV exposure, aging, and injury induce poor eyesight. Without consistent and proper eye care, these conditions can worsen.

Poor eyesight can be a considerable inconvenience in numerous aspects of life⁠—socially, athletically, and academically. It could hinder an individual from achieving their potential or arrest their natural development. Thus, regardless of health condition and age, everyone should practice proper eye care and visit eye professionals annually.

Choosing An Optical Professional

Fortunately, your world doesn’t stop because of poor eyesight. Prescription glasses and contact lenses allow people to see better. Thus, it’s paramount to choose the best optical professionals who can attend to your eye care needs. For instance, if you’re residing in Lower Manhattan, New York, the MK2 Optical Store – Vision Center NYC, is an excellent optical store for your eye needs.

Before visiting a store, however, it’s important to know which type of optical professional they have in service. Thus, learn the difference between eye doctors, as follows:

Ophthalmologist: Focuses on medical and surgical interventions.

Optometrist: Can examine, diagnose, and treat eye conditions, and issue eyewear prescription.

Optician: Can’t give eye examinations, but can fill prescription issued by your optometrist. They’re also synonymous with eyewear consultants.


Choosing Quality Optical Stores

Years of expertise should prove an optical store’s professionalism. They should also demonstrate the good qualities of one. Here are some basic qualities to check if a store is competitive:


1: Possesses Medical Certifications And Permits

Optical stores typically offer eyewear for vision correction, including eyeglasses and contact lenses. As they address various vision needs of customers, a credible store should have a permit allowing their operation in the city. Usually, these certifications are displayed in the store.

Also, another tip to see the store’s credibility is browsing through their official website. Optical shops should have professional staff with the appropriate degrees and training completion.


2: Has Reliable And Comprehensive Eye Examinations

To find the right fit for your optical needs, examining and diagnosing the condition of your eyes is a must. An optical store that offers prescription eyewear should have reliable and comprehensive eye examinations.

An eye examination is recommended for everyone, particularly those with existing conditions. Taking an eye exam doesn’t only update your eyewear prescription, but also identifies if your current eye problem has aggravated, a new eye condition has developed, or whether other health issues are at hand.

You can tell if an optical store has reliable eye exams if they have the following:

– Complete eye equipment and machinery, from basic to advanced (e.g., tonometer, phoropter, eye charts)

– Licensed eye doctors (may refer patients to a specialist ophthalmologist if there are severe conditions detected)

– Ability to perform a myriad of eye tests and exams

3: Has A Wide Selection Of Eyewear With Affordable Prices

After your eye exams, the next step is choosing the visual aspects of your eyewear. Picking the perfect eyeglasses or contact lenses is crucial as it makes a significant impression about you. Also, your eyewear style can dictate the functionality and convenience of using them.

Since people have varying preferences and needs, an optical store should be able to provide a broad spectrum of eyewear involving the following:

– Frame shape and type

– Frame material

– Frame colors

– Eyeglass nose pads type

– Contact lenses color

Moreover, an optical store that carries brands of different price points is a plus. In this way, you can pick the right eyewear that doesn’t break the bank.


4: Offers Assistance From Eyewear Consultants

If you’re having difficulty selecting the perfect eyewear style and color, having eyewear consultants is advantageous for optical stores. These eyewear stylists assist individuals to pick an eyewear style that suits their face shape and features, lifestyle, and preferences.

Additionally, eyewear is a fashion piece. Consultants can help choose eyewear that’s both functional and fashionable while ensuring that you get your money’s worth. Whether you’re off to work or an important event, you can pair your eyeglasses with the right clothes and accessories.


5: Bonus: Follows COVID-19 Protocols

Following the recent global events, reopening businesses like an optical store is a great help for people with eye care and eyewear needs during the pandemic. However, businesses should prioritize everyone’s safety. Thus, when visiting an optical store, see if they obey preventive measures against COVID-19, including physical distancing, wearing face masks, and minimizing the volume of patients.

Bottom Line

Eye health is an essential aspect of your health. If you’re having issues with eye health and vision, make sure to get your eyes checked by the right eye professionals and choose an optical store using the qualities discussed in this article.

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