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On average, people spend 13 years and two months of their lives at work. Generally, we spend most of our time at work, interacting with different people from different lines of work, and making impressions everywhere we show up. While at the workplace, you are expected to maintain a specific code, while talking and even how you dress.

This, however, does not mean you should always be in dull formal attire. You can maintain professionalism and add some life to your outfit. The right accessories will create a lasting impression and make you enjoy wearing your formal clothes. Here are the accessories you can wear to work.


Wearing a watch with a leather or metal band is ideal for the workspace. This is mainly because they go so well with formal clothes such as suits. Get Rolex at Chronext to add elegance to your style. If you are going for a job interview, wearing a good can make the HR favor you. A watch can help you create a good impression. You can check the time on the wrist, instead of pulling out your phone, which can create the wrong impression. Your colleagues and business partners will also appreciate a good quality watch.

On top of being aesthetically appealing, a watch can help you become a better time manager.

The belt

A belt is one of the accessories that you would rather not leave behind while going to work. Belts do not only serve as functional pieces but also as accessories that can help you make a statement. Whether you want to create a break between your upper and lower body or add color to your outfit, the belt will do a perfect job.

To get the perfect belt, however, some rules should be applied. For instance, when buying a belt for your pants, it should be two sizes larger than your pants. Also, never buy a belt made of cheap materials like synthetic leather: it will not make the statement that you are looking forward to. Also, avoid belts with flashy buckles as they are not suitable for the workspace. Try as much as you can to go minimalist on this.

Buy black, tan, or brown belts with subtle patterns for office wear.

Necklaces and earrings

Luckily for the folks that love accessories, most offices allow people to wear jewelry. However, remember that as much as you are allowed to adorn yourself with fine jewelry, you must convey professionalism. You should, therefore, be careful with the type of earrings, necklaces, and rings that you choose to wear on a workday.

Avoid wearing a dozen of jewelry at the same time. Instead, you should go for a statement and minimalist piece. Bold necklaces should be worn to a picnic over the weekend. A single necklace, ring, or earrings will look sleek and very professional. While choosing jewelry to wear to the office, pick something that will not distract the employees. Instead, it should be something that expresses your personality and style. Pearls and precious stones can work for your formal attire.


A good scarf will instantly add elegance to your formal look. Printed silk scarves can add life to your dark-hued formal wear. During winter, a cashmere scarf can be functional to protect you from the cold, and at the same time, add style to your outfit.

When choosing accessories to wear to the office, maintain minimalism and subtleness. Accessories for a formal space should not be distracting but, instead, make a statement. You can never go wrong with the list of accessories listed above.


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