PFW: flamboyant color at Emanuel Ungaro

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Canary yellow, fire engine red and bright blue dominate the collection, accented by touches of black and hot pink. Indeed, the palette is bold and colorful at Emanuel Ungaro next season. Special emphasis is placed on the neckline, whether through scandalously deep Vs revealing the chest or buttoned-up collared tops covering everything below the neck.

Dresses and skirts vary between maxi and mid-length for the most part, although there are also a few miniskirts. But a number of the longer pieces are slit to mid-thigh for a tame yet sexy effect. 

Along with abstract prints and plaids, lace is a key element of the collection, in white or black, whether covering a chest in a sheer motif or adorning the hem of a skirt.

In terms of makeup, the looks on the runway were as flamboyant as the clothes: vibrant red lips and plenty of blue eyeshadow.

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