In the mood of Jean Paul Gaultier: a collection for ‘all women, regardless of their age’

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What’s the key piece in this collection and why?  
There’s the bustier, the corset dress, the tuxedo, the striped sailor top. There are Swarovski bandanas that are really quite elaborate. But there isn’t really a key piece.

Which female icon could be the face of this collection? 
All women, regardless of their age or their style. Of course I put six of them front and center, Suzy, Grace, Franca, Babeth, Carine and Emmanuelle, but it’s not exclusive.

What was the initial spark or starting point for this season?  
I saw the film “On My Way” with Catherine Deneuve in the role of Miss Brittany, and this inspired the beauty pageant theme.

Grace Jones, the Spice Girls, Jane Birkin… How did you pick the soundtrack for the collection?  
It had to be both beauty pageant music and party music at the same time.

Can you sum up the collection in one word? 
Miss Jean Paul Gaultier.

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