MFW: sleek 70s style at Max Mara

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Although the long dresses and skirts float close to the body, they are not actually form-fitting. The same goes for the pants, which are often cropped at the calf but do not reveal an inch of skin. That’s because they’re paired with boots, clearly the dominant footwear at Max Mara for next summer, outside of a few exceptions.

But most striking of all were the prints, which could have come straight from the 1970s. The decade has emerged as one of the dominant influences behind the season’s collections, as seen in New York and London. Even the boots are covered in large flowers in pink, ochre, black and white, just like the brimmed hats worn by the models. Halfway between a bucket hat and a capeline, the style is poised to become the headwear of choice next season.

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