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The opulence of high fashion is stepping off the runway and into our everyday lives. Haute couture designers Dolce and Gabbana have introduced Casa, their first luxury home décor line. Featuring bold colors and glamorous details, Casa reflects the magnificence of Italian culture and brings the designer lifestyle into your home.

The Casa collection goes beyond the fashion house’s 2018 line of custom kitchen appliances and expands the signature style of Dolce and Gabbana throughout the entire home. It includes furniture and decorative statement pieces as well as smaller luxuries like notebooks inspired by classic D&G patterns. Designed to appeal to the senses, Casa even includes richly scented candles to create an environment that feels extravagant. The line has all the elements needed to style your home like a top designer.

Working with revered Italian artisans, Dolce and Gabbana incorporated the finest textiles such as velvet and cashmere into the new line. In everything from throws to glassware, there are vibrant hues of ruby, emerald, and sapphire. The legacy of Italian craftsmanship is evident in handmade wood, glass, and brocade items.

Casa dazzles with four different themes: Mediterranean Blue, Carretto, Leo, and Zebra. According to Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, each one reflects a unique lifestyle.


Mediterranean Blue

This swirling design in crisp white and vivid blue can be found throughout Italy’s past. Hand-painted patterns pay homage to the country’s long history of respect for expert craftsmanship and appreciation for the value of handmade creations. These are items of heirloom quality that could be passed down through generations. Mediterranean Blue will add the chic sophistication of Italian artistry to any room.



Sicily’s customs, foods, and scenery are beautifully mirrored in the Dolce and Gabbana Casa motif. Every piece symbolizes the zest for life at the center of Italian culture. It is truly a visual celebration featuring festive colors and patterns of geometric shapes. From ceramics to fabrics, the details of Carretto bring the history and traditions of the island to your home’s aesthetic.



No Dolce and Gabbana collection would be complete without leopard print. The timeless classic has long been a mainstay on the Dolce and Gabbana runways. The animal print is somehow both classically neutral and unconventionally trendy. These versatile pieces could be added to almost any room. Velvet leopard print pillows and cashmere blankets featuring the D&G logo combined with images of prowling leopards create a bold, luxe look.



Zebra print in black and white illustrates the exuberance for living life that’s at the core of all Dolce and Gabbana creations. It’s a daring pattern that communicates confidence when added to a room. The stripes in each D&G piece are unique as if they each have a personality. Add a touch of elegance with a few striking accent pieces, or make a statement by setting your whole table in zebra print dinnerware. This classic print will forever symbolize luxury and glitz!

With the release of its first complete line of home furnishings, Dolce and Gabbana continues to grow into a lifestyle brand. The Casa collection moves the fashion house forward into new endeavors while also harkening back to the designers’ source of inspiration, the beauty of Italy.

The bold, vibrant colors and signature patterns of D&G’s Casa will transform your home, giving it the look and feel of the designer lifestyle. With these pieces, you can build your own luxurious sanctuary. Create a refuge where you recharge your mind, body, and spirit. Style the perfect space for celebrations and entertaining friends. Whatever your vision might be, invest in surrounding yourself with luxury and design the home of your dreams.


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