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Recording studio sessions are a huge part of being a musician – these are the key ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of the job. Your recording studio is exactly the place where you need to have the most passion and ensure your vocals are on top form – after all, this is where you will be creating the music that will lead to your success! Whether you are part of a band or a solo performer, making sure your recording studio is perfect is so important. Here are a couple of good tips on how to have a good recording session, including how to style yourself for the session.


Wearing Something Comfortable

Firstly, it goes without saying you must be comfortable for the duration of the session. Recording studio sessions are super fun, but they can also be quite long, tedious, or frustrating. Being an artist is all about getting your songs perfect – after spending such a long time creating them or practicing them, you want to make sure the final thing is exactly how you would imagine it to sound. When recording your music, you are completely behind the scenes – no one has to see this part if you don’t want them to see it. Therefore, you should focus on wearing something that makes you feel comfortable and feel good about yourself at the same time. Some examples are wearing a comfortable pair of trainers as opposed to smart shoes – you may be on your feet all day, so you don’t want to get completely worn out!


Ensuring Your Recording Studio Is Good for an All-Day Session

When you are picking your recording studio, make sure it is good for an all-day session – you may well end up spending weeks in this studio collectively, so it has to be suited to your needs. For example, is it in a close enough proximity to your home that you can go in spontaneously if you need to? Is the temperature warm enough for you to spend a day there? Is it big enough if there are several members of your team? Ultimately, you want to choose somewhere that will make you feel inspired and motivated. Check out some of these studios in the Brooklyn area, which is a perfect place to get started as a musician. This Brooklyn music studio from Pirate allows you to book slots online, on an hourly basis, so you can stay for as little or as long as you require. It is also in an easily accessible location for you to reach on foot or by car.


Choosing an Outfit That Makes You Feel Motivated

Although it is super important that you wear an outfit that makes you feel comfortable, it is also good to strike the balance between wearing something that is comfy, and which also makes you feel motivated. If you go too far on the side of comfort, such as if you wear tracksuit bottoms and a sweatshirt, you may just feel as though you’re lounging about the house. Sometimes, you need something a little stylish and cool to help you feel as though you are doing something important and worthwhile. There are definitely many ways you can combine style and comfort – one way being a fitted outfit with some cool jewelry to spice it up. Here are some examples of casual yet classy outfits worn by celebs, which would be absolutely perfect for a recording studio session.


Being Consistent in Your Outfits

This step is not necessary, but if you are keen to work up a brand image and stick with it, you could try and keep some consistency in your outfits. If you are an up-and-coming celeb and want to post snippets of your recording studio sessions on social media, it will look really professional if you appear to have an outfit or a dress code that you stick to when in the recording studio. This is particularly good if you use Instagram stories to connect with your fanbase, or if you use TikTok as a platform. For example, you could make it a rule that you only wear black when in the recording studio – not only will this look slick and professional, but it will also be good for video footage. If you are in a band, or sing or play instruments alongside others, you should make sure that you are coordinated with them in terms of outfits. This will make you seem as though you are part of a team and it will give the impression to your fans that you are genuinely serious about your musical career or hobby!


Avoid Loud Clothing or Accessories

One key mistake often made by people when off to the recording studio is wearing loud clothing or accessories. For example, some fabrics make loud, scratchy noises when worn, so take care, especially if you are wearing a coat or jacket of any sort. Even though you might not notice this that much in day-to-day life, it will be picked up on by the microphones, and will have a bad impact on the sound quality of your recording. The same goes for accessories, especially when considering bangles around wrists, or chunky earrings. No matter how quiet the sounds are, they will definitely be heard in your recordings – so rather than having to go back and re-record songs, avoid this happening from the start and be conscious of what you are wearing in the studio.

This sounds like a lot to focus on, but it is all to make your experience at the studio more enjoyable and relaxing, giving you more energy to focus on your vocals or instruments. Make sure that you have fun when in the studio – it is easy to become stressed out, but this is one of the best moments for a musician, being able to share your incredible talents with the world. Bring lots of snacks, stay hydrated and make sure you enjoy your recording sessions as much as possible!


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