Is It Feasible to Plan a Round-the-World Trip?

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When you decide to go beyond your comfort zone for a trip, the destination is usually extraordinary. Sometimes it is about crossing off an item on the bucket list, or trying out a new destination. But for an around the world trip, it is more about the journey than the destination.


Plan Ahead

To start a journey in any of the locations mentioned on sanetraveller, you have to plan ahead. An around the world trip is no small feat, and requires a lot of things to go right. Pack smart, but not light. Plan out a main route and alternate routes. If you’re bringing someone along, coordinate your personal wants, needs and packing details. In short, you should have a good idea of how the trip will begin and where it will end. Any part of your world trip that is unplanned will make things more difficult than they need to be.


How Will You Travel?

There is a big difference between the scenic route and the fast route. When you decide to go scenic, knowing the stops along the way is important. A train route that is all trees isn’t very appealing for scenic journey around the world. Use speed for uninteresting areas while mapping out the most appealing landmarks to go scenic in. A mixture of the two travel styles will make your around the world journey much more exciting. It is like having the option to fast forward through the boring parts of a movie while savoring the good bits.


Who Will You Bring?

This is where cost comes in, and is the biggest deterrent for planning an around the world trip. For one person to fund a trip of this magnitude, the cost may be too high. This is where minimalists like Christopher McCandless shine – they bring only what is needed and survive off of nature. But for a more practical trip around the world, you want to be able to blend in naturally like any other tourist.

If money is an issue for an individual, then bringing along someone to split the costs is the next best option. Coordinating with a partner will allow you to bring more supplies, plan better and have a fallback plan in case of an emergency. And if you decide to go in a group, the cost continues to go down.

Group trips around the world have become much more than tourist getaways. The experience they provide are just as fulfilling as planning the trip on your own. This is the cheapest option, but in no way means it is a loss of trip value. Sharing an around the world trip with family, friends or happy strangers will become a memorable part of the entire voyage.


Take Your Time

When you decide to take a trip around the world, it isn’t a race to the finish line. Take your time, and enjoy everything it has to offer. Life is short, and chances are you will only experience this trip once in your lifetime.


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