Tips to Style the 2022 Pantone Color Of The Year

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The Pantone color of the year is always an anticipated selection, and the color for 2022 is no exception. Pantone unveiled its color in mid-December to be “Very Peri” and is described as, “dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet red undertone.”

It’s a cheery shade of blue that matches the optimism and joy of a new year with the somber understanding of a world grasped in the throes of a pandemic. Pantone stated in their announcement that, “‘Very Peri’[,] is a color that encourages courageous creativity and personal inventiveness.” After all, what better way to explain our feelings than with color? And “Very Peri” does just that.

If you’re looking to implement “Very Peri”, here are some tips for bringing this unique, but versatile shade into your life.


At home

If you want to go all-out with Very Peri, consider using it as an accent color in your home. Paint an accent wall in the hue or add a few “Very Peri” pillows to your sofa. While a whole room in “Very Peri” may be a bit over the top, an accent wall might be just the thing to bring this color into your home. Not sure you want a whole room in “Very Peri”? Perhaps accentuate your room with contrasting colors or or materials.

Consider pillows, candle-stick holders, throws, towels, mugs, or more as simple accessories that could really pack a punch in “Very Peri”. Even paintings or plant pots, baskets, and more are simple household items that are beautiful in “Very Peri”. This is a bright, yet romantic color that will easily fit in every room in your home.

Not only will this brighten up your space, but it will also be a great way to welcome in the New Year! Once you know the shade you’re looking for, it’s easy to add “Very Peri” to your home. Hopefully, we can all look forward to “Very Peri” Christmas themed trees in 2022.


In Fashion

When Pantone announces their color of the year, it can be hard to know how to incorporate it into your style. But with these few tips, you’ll be able to rock the “Very Peri” hue in no time! Whether you’re going to dress head to toe in “Very Peri” or just use it for accessories, this guide will help you decide on the best way to accentuate the color in your life.


How to Wear “Very Peri”

1 – Start by finding pieces in your wardrobe that have some purple undertones. A simple way to do this is to look for shades of blue, green, or gray and see if there’s a purple hue lurking beneath. Once you’ve found a piece or two that have these tones, it’ll be easy to start building your outfit around them.

One easy way to wear this color is by adding a pop of it to an otherwise neutral outfit. Consider pairing black pants with a top in “Very Peri” for a bold yet office-appropriate look.

2 – Next, add in pops of brightness with other colors like yellow, pink, or orange. These pops will help to balance out the darkness of “Very Peri” without losing its richness.

Review the color wheel and pull out any complementary colors to wear with “Very Peri” for a look that really pops. Coral is an excellent choice as it complements this shade while also providing some needed contrast. When styling shoes or accessories in this shade, keep your outfit in mind to create a cohesive look.

3 – To make your look really pop, choose a piece with lots of texture—like fur, lace, or thick knits—or even try using accessories like jewelry and shoes that have different textures to tie your wardrobe together. Using texture is a great way to elevate your look overall, whether you choose to compliment “Very Peri” with other colors or as a statement piece.

4 – Finally, adding in pieces that are all one color is another way you can style Very Peri . This monochromatic look is very trendy right now and everyone from the common man to the celebrity stylists knows how easy it is to match! So go for black pants and a “Very Peri” shirt or pick up some fun tights and wear them with your “Very Peri” dress! Explore all the looks you can come up with when styling “Very Peri” and have fun with it!

Not sure you’re able to pull off “Very Peri” in a bold blouse or dress? Consider jewelry like earrings or rings. “Very Peri” shoes are a fun, yet bold way to bring the 2022 Pantone color into your closet.

Leave it to Pantone to choose a color that brilliantly encapsulates our feelings about 2022 and yet is also easy and oh so fun to wear and decorate!

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