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Sadly, anxiety is one of the most common problems of this generation. It is a natural reaction to perceived risk, an alarm bell present in our body. Unfortunately, anxiety can go beyond that and become a generalized state from time to time.

When this condition becomes too invalidating, psychotherapy is advised and can entail medication usage. Fortunately, in other less “serious” cases natural and “self-made” remedies may be enough.

Some are widely known. Physical activity is crucial since it helps release tension and improve your sleep. Social activities can also come in handy because they can keep a person busy.

On the other hand, being alone with your mind for too long is risky when you experience anxiety. After all, meditation’s popularity has increased steadily for a reason. Connecting with your inner self and pushing your thoughts away is a precious resource for those who suffer from anxiety.

That said, today, we are here to discuss an unconventional but surprisingly effective method, at least for some people: fashion. You might be confused right now but be patient. Everything will become clearer in a moment.


Crystal Healing

When it comes to alternate types of therapy, using healing crystals is one of the most popular ones. In short, crystal healing refers to using stones and their properties to benefit your body and mind. The fun part of it? It’s not difficult to bump into gorgeous jewels made with these unique crystals.

For example, Pink Quartz is said to generate a relaxing atmosphere and clear the environment of stressful stimuli. After all, our context is often our primary source of anxiety.

Speaking of countering stressful stimuli, Amethyst is particularly effective as well. It increases your resistance to anxiety and strengthens the immune system.

In addition, Amethyst exudes security, calm, tranquility and serves to overcome fears by stabilizing emotions and strengthening self-confidence.

Nevertheless, a special mention goes to a less popular stone than the two we just discussed, but maybe the most peculiar one. We are talking about Sodalite, a gemstone that has been used in crystal healing only in recent years.

This opaque-blue treasure helps to overcome the outdated mental and behavior patterns that are obstacles to personal growth. It helps to live the present without worry, pursuing one’s desires and remaining true to oneself, strengthening the capacity for self-affirmation.


Spinner Rings

“Anxiety rings”, “fidget rings”, “worry rings”. Many names, one fundamental property: these jewelry pieces are two banded rings that you can manually spin to cope with stress. In fact, some people find the act of twirling them a powerful stress reliever. And, in some cases, they can also help you relax and meditate.

Like the gemstones we mentioned, the fun part is that the jewelry market is crowded with lovely spinner rings to wear, varying in size, material or style. It’s just up to your taste and imagination.



Anxiety’s a serious issue, no doubt about that. Asking for (medical) help is often the way to fight it, but sometimes, unconventional methods can be more effective than you think. And surprisingly fun.


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